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How whitening teeth works?


At present, teeth whitening methods mainly include physical friction and chemical bleaching, and the whitening effect of tooth powder is mainly through physical friction. Many users have reported to me that after using it for a period of time, they found that there is indeed a whitening effect, which is much more obvious than the whitening effect of toothpaste.


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First of all, it is clear that the whiter the teeth are not the better. The dentin itself is yellowish, and it will look slightly yellow through the enamel, so don't pursue excessive whitening, just whitening within the normal range.

However, some people's teeth will be yellower than the normal range, which affects the beauty of the image. In this case, you can choose the correct method for proper whitening. To choose a whitening method, you must first understand the cause of your yellow teeth before you can prescribe the right medicine.

Yellowing of teeth is divided into two categories, endogenous staining and exogenous staining.

If you are endogenous coloring, I regret to tell you that it will be more troublesome to deal with. Intrinsic stains include dental fluorosis and tetracycline teeth. The formation of dental fluorosis is closely related to drinking water. If the local drinking water contains too much fluoride, long-term drinking may cause dental fluorosis, and the tooth surface will be chalky. , Tan plaque, if tooth nerve necrosis combined with bacterial decomposition products can also make teeth black.

Tetracycline teeth take too much tetracycline drugs during the process of tooth development. Tetracycline deposits in the dentin, causing the teeth to turn yellow or dark gray.

Friends with endogenous coloring want to whiten their teeth and need to go to a professional dental hospital for treatment. The existing technologies include cold light whitening, porcelain teeth, porcelain veneers, etc. Cold light whitening basically does not harm the teeth, this is recommended, but such as porcelain teeth, all-ceramic covers, etc. may cause permanent trauma to the teeth.In addition, the teeth cannot chew slightly harder foods, and they appear excessively white and awkwardly unnatural. It is recommended that you do not try this kind of dental beauty unless you have to.

It's much easier to do if it's just exogenous coloring. It is easier to remove exogenous tooth staining than endogenous staining because the substances that cause tooth discoloration are only adsorbed on the surface of the teeth. These substances mainly include foreign pigments entering the oral cavity or pigments produced by bacteria in the oral cavity. There are mainly the following negative aspects in response to the exogenous coloring of the other party:

1. Cold light whitening: The main principle is to apply a relatively high concentration of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth to decompose the tooth pigment through the oxidation reaction to achieve the whitening effect. Due to the role of oxides, the teeth will be sour and soft in a short time, and the enamel will be partially demineralized, but it can be restored after the time is broken.

2. Teeth whitening paste: 2. Teeth whitening paste: Compared with cold light whitening, the amount of oxides contained in the tooth paste is much less (the national standard is less than 0.3%), so the teeth will be weaker and will not cause damage to the teeth. However, the obvious whitening effect cannot be achieved at one time, and the effect is still obvious after repeated use.

3. Drink less colored beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, heavy oils, spicy foods, desserts and other foods to avoid sticky substances secreted by oral bacteria from adsorbing tea dirt and food pigments in the diet on the surface of teeth to form yellow dental stains.

4. Pay attention to oral hygiene. Can brushing teeth whiten? This is a controversial topic. Brushing your teeth is like taking a bath. If you want your skin to look white and pure, at least you must first wash off the dirt on your body and restore your original skin. Therefore, brushing can remove the dirt on the surface of the teeth and keep your teeth white and clean, but it cannot further whiten the original tooth color.

The primary culprit of exogenously colored yellow teeth is dental plaque, and dental plaque accumulates on the surface of the teeth for a long time, forming stones, which can easily lead to gum atrophy, bad breath, periodontal inflammation and so on. 

So how to do a good job of oral care? First of all, use the Pap brushing method, which is an internationally recognized effective method of brushing, which can effectively clean the teeth. In addition, for the choice of toothbrush, try to choose a soft toothbrush to ensure that it can reach the deep gap between the teeth. In addition, when choosing a toothbrush, try to choose a brush with a high rounding rate. The higher the rounding rate, the less damage to the teeth.

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