Four knowledge points:you don't know about beauty and skin care

        Beauty and skin care is something that almost every girl has to do every day, so what many people may not know is that in their daily beauty care process, because the method is not correct, or the common sense of beauty care Deviations are likely to make daily beauty care useless. If it is incorrect beauty and skin care techniques, it will not only waste energy, but also waste money.

        So how to master the correct beauty and skin care skills, so as not to miss the opportunity to improve the skin, but also waste the investment of funds. If you want to master the beauty and skin care skills correctly, you must not rush, learn some basic techniques and skills every day, and change some incorrect cognitive concepts of beauty and skin care. Over time, you can definitely become a beauty and skin care expert. The following editor will share four knowledge points about beauty and skin care, which are also prone to misunderstandings in the daily skin care process.

Beauty and skin care knowledge point 1: Facial mask has a distinction between positive and negative

Nowadays, more and more facial masks are added with pearlescent plastic sheet. When using, you should put the side without plastic sheet or non-pearlescent plastic sheet on the face. After the mask is completely flat on the face, remove the plastic sheet. Bio-fiber masks generally have a difference between the front and the back, and they will also be specially marked on the package. Pay attention to the instructions when using it.

Beauty and skin care knowledge point 2: Brushing eyelashes and raising eyebrows are easy to brush up forehead lines

Brushing eyelashes is one of the necessary steps for makeup. Applying mascara can not only make the eyes bigger, but also make the eyelashes longer and thicker. But in the process of brushing eyelashes, many people may unconsciously raise their eyebrows to open their eyes, making the process of brushing mascara easier. The process of raising the eyebrows will drive the skin of the forehead. If this action is repeated frequently and continuously, the skin of the forehead will form muscle memory, which will cause forehead wrinkles in the long run.

In fact, what many people don't know is that when applying mascara, you can easily solve this problem by opening your lips and looking down.

Beauty skin care knowledge point 3: shampoo can also remove makeup

I believe that many young ladies have encountered this problem: they put on makeup when they went out, but they did not bring makeup remover. This is because if the skin stays with makeup for a long time, it will easily block the pores, resulting in skin problems such as enlarged pores and acne.

So, when you encounter the above situation, you can use shampoo instead of makeup remover for emergency. Especially children's shampoo can completely remove the light makeup on the face after being mixed with water, and it will not irritate the eyes when used to remove eye makeup.

Beauty and skin care knowledge point 4: make up only one hour after bathing

Many people have the habit of getting up in the morning to take a shower, putting on a mask and then putting on makeup before going out. But in fact, these people usually put on makeup immediately after washing and applying the mask, but in fact they just took a shower and added the mask after applying the mask. In the case of pores, the pores of the whole body are in a state of expansion, and immediate makeup can easily cause cosmetics to penetrate into the pores, which will have a bad effect on the skin.

Therefore, at least one hour later, it is more appropriate to wait for the pH of the skin to return to normal before applying makeup.

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