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Description Of  Query Steps :

STEP  1 : 

Find the anti-counterfeiting code on the product packaging box.

STEP 2 :

Scratch the anti-counterfeiting code coating, you can see the 16-digitanti-counterfeiting code.

STEP 3 :

Enter the 16-digit anti-counterfeiting code into the text box, and then click "search".

STEP 4 :

The corresponding query result will be displayed in the text boxbelow.

Matters Needing Attention :


Due to the busy network, please wait patiently for the result after entering the anti- counterfeiting code, and do not click repeatedly.


Each anti-counterfeiting code has only 5 query opportunities. After more than 5 times, the anticounterfeiting code will be frozen.


If you want to know more about the security code, please enter the "Security Code Query Help" port.

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