Skincare knowledge that delicate girls must know, 

everything starts from the details

The maintenance is done meticulously, and the face and temperament will be refined! Write down this knowledge, skincare will no longer step on thunder!

01: Wash your hands before washing your face

Before washing your face, use hand sanitizer or soap to gently gently wash the palms and backs of your hands, and then rinse your hands with running water. Only then can you start to wash your face, and the foam with your hands is clean and clean, which can have a good facial decontamination effect.

02: Don't take too long to wash your face and massage

When washing your face, the massage time should be short and the rinse time should be long. If you wash your face and massage for too long, it will rub the grease and dirt that has just been rubbed into the skin again, causing the more you wash, the less clean it is. The face washing process should be maintained within 1 minute.

03: Sunscreen must be done every day

Ultraviolet rays are a model worker, regardless of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, sunny, rainy, and snowy will not be absent. Therefore, sunscreen is needed both indoors and outdoors, and the dosage must be sufficient to protect the skin and prevent dullness and aging.

04: Don't pat when applying skin care products

Patting the face when applying skincare products does not help absorption, but will speed up the evaporation of skincare products. If you apply too much force, it will harm your skin.

05: Don't overlap Arhats when applying skincare products

The stacking of skincare products with multiple functions will not only affect their respective effects, but also easily increase the burden on the skin, even destroy the skin barrier function, and cause new skin problems. Therefore, follow the "3+1 principle"-that is, on the basis of cleansing, moisturizing, and skincare, use anti-freckle cream for skin with spots, and anti-acne cream for skin with acne, but it is not recommended to Paint the whole face.

06: The mask cannot be reused

Some people put the applied mask in the refrigerator before using it. In fact, this is not a recommended skincare behavior! Because the used mask will leave a lot of bacteria, using it again is equivalent to applying the bacteria to the face, causing damage to the skin.

07: Night maintenance effect is 8 times higher than daytime

The skin cell division speed at night is 8 times faster than during the day, so the effect of night maintenance will be 8 times higher than during the day. If the night maintenance is insufficient, the skin will age and dry faster!

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